Evi Iosifidou

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Pikri5-22, Lasnamae, Tallinn

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A brief introduction

Hello! I’m Evi, I’m Greek and I moved recently in Estonia. The past 7+ years I’ve worked in Greece as a freelacer makeup artist. I was also a spa manager in Santorini for 2 years and I was teaching makeup and beauty for 3 years in public colleges.

Now in Tallinn, I have already worked with photographers, clients, models, in fashion shows, in movies, in commercials, in viedoclips and I have projects on my own.

I do hairstyles and portrait photography, so clients can have all 3 services in just 1 place! Check https://www.facebook.com/makeupyourphoto/

You can hire me also as a model or actress. I am comfortable in front of the camera and if needed I always have ideas to add to the shoot!

Mostly people hire me again and again because of my attitude and my vibes! I’m known for my greek hospitality, positivity, creativity. Even shy clients feel comfortable to open themselves and have a great time in our sessions.

One last thing! You will never feel that I am rushing on you or not giving you my most attention and treat. I can’t and I don’t want to put human relations in timing boxes where you pay session for 15min, 30min, 60min etc. You pay per service and I do my best for you to have a great experience!

For any questions just feel free to contact me! 


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